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Services Offered


Do you have an established Primary Care Provider? When was your last physical? Sick but don't want to wait for hours to see a provider?

We at Frisco Family Healthcare Clinic are here to help you with all your healthcare needs and establish the personalized care you and your family. We can start with doing bloodwork for your annual physical, treat for asthma or allergies, test for flu, strep or urinary tract infections, treat acute pain or minor injuries and lacerations, or simply refilling your medications. There's no long wait time and your treatments are fully explained as we work together to a healthy you.


Are your experiencing decreased libido, unusual weight gain, decreased energy, fatigue? Perhaps it's your hormonal changes.

As we age and go through different cycles in life, our hormones are ever changing. We don't feel like we used to, we can't do the things we used to, and we don't have the energy like we used to. These can be signs of thyroid disorder, low testosterone, low estrogen, adrenal fatigue, or some kind of imbalance. 


What kind of supplements are you taking? Are you taking the right supplements for the right reasons?  

Not all supplements are the same. For example if the actual medicinal proper of a plant is the root, the supplement made from the plant's leaves or stem may not have the same effects. There are many alternatives to treating stomach problems, thyroid support, anxiety, chronic fatigue, insomnia, autoimmune dysfunction, and more. Come in and get evaluated for the right supplements that are tuned to your body.